The Blue Ridge Advisory Services Group is 
a professional services organization providing 
 consulting services in the energy and 
telecommunications market place.
Regulatory and market changes in telecommunications and energy have created a constantly changing competitive landscape. New suppliers and technologies are emerging to drive down costs and improve service levels. These changes have created a host of new options and alternatives for large users of telecommunications and energy services - opportunities that can have tremendous and direct economic benefit. The mission of Blue Ridge is to assist our clients in harvesting the value of these options. The benefits we have helped create in this way include: reduced capital costs, line-extension cost avoidance, reduced operating costs, property differentiation, higher quality infrastructures/technologies, and new revenue streams.

The principals of Blue Ridge have served the following clients:
  • Astro Investment Group
  • Bronwood Development
  • Brookfield Homes
  • Burnham Development (now JMI) -- Developer of
    the San Diego Ballpark District
  • Castle & Cooke
  • Castle Rock
  • Catellus Development -- Developer of Mission Bay
  • East West Partners
  • Federal Realty Investment Trust -- Developer of Santana Row
  • Highland Fairview Properties
  • Keller CMS and Urban Partners
  • Kennecott Land
  • Keowee Mountain
  • Lennar Communities
  • Lewis Operating Company
  • Maguire Thomas Partners
  • March Airforce Base
  • McLellan Air Force Base
  • Morgan Stanley -- Morgan Stanley Real Estate Fund
  • Newhall Land and Farming. Developer of Newhall Ranch
  • Oak Tree Capital
  • Olson Company
  • Otay Ranch
  • Parker Properties
  • Playa Capital LLC -- Developer of Playa Vista
  • Rancho Las Flores
  • RW Selby
  • Talega Associates LLC
  • TerraBrook
  • The South Group (Williams & Dame)(Gerding and Edling)
  • Thomas Properties Group -- Owner Developer of Arco Plaza, Commerce Square, and El Segundo Corporate Campus


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