The Blue Ridge Advisory Services Group is 
a professional services organization providing 
 consulting services in the energy and 
telecommunications market place.
Managers of utilities, telecommunications, electric and gas energy, have witnessed a massive change in their businesses over the past decade. The headlong rush into non-regulated ventures has been reversed in a seemingly overnight timeframe. Unfortunately, many business processes and disciplines were abandoned with a farewell salute of “the market place will take care of it.” Nothing could have been further from the truth.

Whether investor-owned, cooperative, or municipal organization, in our experience, every successful enterprise has four common qualities:
  1. A clear business strategy and objectives that everyone in the organization understands.
  2. Specific accountabilities for each person in the organization, with direct linkage between accountabilities and business objectives.
  3. A solid management team with the capability to execute efficiently.
  4. A business strategy based upon sustainable competitive advantages.
While the need for these elements seems obvious, in fact, few organizations put all these pieces in place at once. As utilities work to reformulate their market position Blue Ridge can play a leadership role in the development of business plans, strategy, organizational assessments and performance management.

The principals of Blue Ridge have served the following utility clients:
  • Bonneville Power Administration
  • Bretton Woods Telecommunications
  • Cambridge Electric Company (now Enstar)
  • Carolina Power & Light (now Progress Energy)
  • Central & SouthWest Energy
  • Cinergy
  • Commonwealth Electric Company
  • Covington
  • Cincinnati Bell Information systems
  • Duke Energy
  • Frontier Gas
  • Indianapolis Power & Light Company
  • LG&E Energy
  • Marietta Board of Lights and Water
  • Oglethorpe Power Corporation
  • Pennsylvania Power & Light
  • South Kentucky Electric Coop.
  • Sprint
  • South Carolina Electric & Gas
  • Sprint Carolina Telephone
  • Tennessee Valley Authority
  • Texas Utilities (now TXU)
  • Tucson Electric Power Company
  • Virginia Power (now Dominion)
  • Wisconsin Power & Light Company (now Aliant Energy)
  • Xcel Energy


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